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Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:

Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:
"George Prince"
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A. George Dave Prince

Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:

Silver Lining and Starry II Luminous once ruled the kingdom of
Planet of Radiates. Murklin, Lurky and The General whom
Once protected the Kingdom from invaders were once upon time best of friends so we thought. The Kingdom was natural with area sight of beauty the land scape environmentally friendly very peaceful.

Starry illuminous the first born child Crystal Princess was taught by
Orin whom shared moral value’s of a humble life.
She grew more, and more spoiled manipulated by the General.

They Parents Gave half responsibility to the child The Crystal Rainbow Princess: The Problem her heart was filled with greed she wanted everything try to dominate over the Palace.

Orin gave his robot horse Onyx to the parent while traveling to Radiance Village where the children of colour lived.

Starry II Luminous had a Second child whom was born. The Children of Colour were
Youngers gave an oath to protect Rainbow Bright. Not realizing the Princess, Murklin, Lurky and the General tracked down the majastration to Radiance Village. With discolouration the village and weaken Murklin and every one.

Silver Lining, Silver glow phase particalized the whole town with every bit of his strength saving the town and the Children of Colour how ever the Crystal crystallized spectrum through the prism portal transferred her parents through the gem stone to the Phantom Zone.

She tried to dominate over the Children of Colour. The Children united against Crystal Each colour form a rainbow protecting Radiance Village.

She retreated to Glum Mountain none could over take the other. The Boundaries between them they could not cross the boarders.

She vowed an oath of revenge on the Children of Colour mean while Murklin and Lurky built Art Bots.

Younger Child Rainbow, the Children of Colour were teen Youngers. Who taught Rainbow the directive not to interfere with Earth nation citizens?

Every one has a part to play. The children felt she was ready for the element of surprise. On her Birthday the Children of Colour lead her in the Barnyard. As she open the door she saw a horse trotting out the wide doors as every one yelling out surprise.

This was no ordinary Horse Starlight the Magnificent this horse
With Pegasus’s wing could dodge any obstacle. Rainbow learn
She was unique from the rest. Children of Colour was solid
Complexion, Rainbow was radiant with different colours with a special gift of with the help of symphonists of the sun.

Digging in the caves depletes miners and the natural resources such as dim ions.
This is alternate universe.

Through the Spectrum:

Her body acts like a prism traps the heat absorbs spend end light from the sun. She also borrows light from the moon and stars.

Rainbow could also attain the spend end energy providing a road path towards Earth.

Enter the Earth troposphere she become more radiant though the rustle of the breeze oxygenizes the light separating spectrum in to different colours.

Rainbow draw water the ocean floor evaporates the water forming a cumulous cluster cloud winds collided form all directions forming rain.

The Rain drops as the plants drink from the root providing glu coast storage food they breathe in carbon air providing breath of oxygen to all soul of life on the planet. Chlorophyll is released from the tiny pocket holes providing natural colours to the world. She Colourized the planet.

With her new horse first she had to Race stormy with her wild Through Breed Thunder winter was in the season far to long. Cumulous of rain storm pushed Starlight far behind.
The weather wind tried to slow him down. Starlight would not give up pulling himself in front of thunder escaping the storm clouds of rain.

Base Ball Season:

The Children of Colour forewarn Rainbow not to interfere with directives of Earth Nation must not be seen.
Colourizing the planet she sighted a base game nears its end.

Down by one point with two are out, one on second base the game was almost finished.

Christopher was up to bat. Christopher miss all three ended the game. Rainbow try to encourage this was not the end of the world but Chris's team mates were sad. Rainbow tries to make a rainbow particalized clouds in the sky none saw.

School was out quite a while ago since the after school games were over teammates left for home.

Rainbow descended a particalized cloud in direct path of
Christopher not watching where he going he ran in to the Colourized partials changing his complexion to different colours.

She did not know how to undue the Particalized colours she decided to bring back Christopher back to stellar stars of her home Radiant Planet.

The General knew Star Lite could fly sending wind turbulences disrupting the flight pattern. Through the spectrum stellar of space that did not stop Star Lite walking on
Rainbow colours road path he trotted off.

Reached ascending on top of the mountains Merlin warbled the road. Through the air Star Lite did a spectacular jump hopping to one cliff from another landing gently to the ground. He was amazing. Near the mountain of glum Star Lite detected another horse close by could not place the where about the horse was gone.

Murklin try to cast his glum same time Christopher interfered not realizing what was going on.

Rainbow saw what happen to Christopher since they missed Rainbow spectrum prism from the reaches of the sun spectrum colours almost colourized Murklin. He had to retreat.

The Children were disappointed. Rainbow disobeyed the directives.
Her orders were not to interfere with Earth however they were not upset.
They had no choice but to show Christopher around Radiance Village.

The Children re-allied Christopher complexion bringing skin back to normal the sky was starting to darken.

While Onyx went to Glum Mountain he tried to free his re-original creator Orin.
Same time the Art Bots were about to take off toward the sun.

On without been notices found Orin however the Princess wanted the horse as a gift she wanted the horse captured.

Escaping through the draw bridge Onyx got away. Warned Rainbow about the light spectrum of the sun existence was endangered. Onyx warned the Princess other will come she did not listen she wanted everything.

The Children of colours took back Christopher back to Earth.
The wind Convertor the started to weather pick up.
The Children shielded the planet from various speed of the wind as best they could.

The breezy soon pick up getting stronger and stronger asking Rainbow to hurry up while Stormy stayed protected Radiance Village.

Art Bots:

Rainbow went traveled towards the sun. The Art Bots cover the sun with shadow. They tried to tear the string that covers the sun. The bots detected a breach of security the slew from their mouths tried to capture the Rainbow and Star Lite.

Rainbow foot was caught but Star Lite Brock the rope. The harness of the rope force the robot strength pushing them backwards knocking them to the ground. Rainbow Galloped away from towards the creator spot of the Sun. Other Bots prepared a trap of sticky Gue.

Star Lite not watching where he was going the sticky gue slowed them down. The art Bots phased through the gue easily.

Spectrum through the prism from the moons of mercury she borrowed partials heat oxidized cold stellar breeze of winds forming clouds over her head in the sky showering rain.

The horse was able to break free and escape. The Bots sunk under the water.
Many numerous Bots cover the area. Rainbow decided to see the source of all the problems the Princess.

Merlin saw the village unprotected try to decolourization the little town.
Gush of Air threw him back in a wall of boxes knock him over.
Out of the shadow was Stormy.

Merlin decoloured Stormy complexion she pointed her finger in the air. The storm revived her. The Earth Till away from the sun the wind clouds turn suddenly cold. She frost frozen Merlin in status.

Merlin discolouration himself through the spectrum retreating
He back away from Stormy and ran.

Rainbow Bright landed near the Palace of the Princess.
She wanted a gift ask the General for the horse.

Rainbow was not prepared to be sent to the phantom Zone.
The Crystal Princess through the prism spectrum of her crystallized portal transferred Rainbow into a cave force field Barrior.

The General captured the horse trying his best to break the will of Star Lite. Never lost hope Rainbow will rescue her.

Onyx escapes the prisons from an underground cavern.
He went to the Phantom Zone to find Rainbow Bright.

The Princess was upset Orin escape but laughed at the idea he would escape through the underground cavern. The Grogs will chase him. They would not have to catch the elder wizard He setting his own demises going underground.

Grogs like frogs but with one problem
Grogs are afraid of the top surface of light.

Rainbow could not escape the prison tunnel of the Force Field Barrior of her surrounding. Sitting on the sand she burst a beam of energy bounding everywhere put a large hole in the sand.
Enlarging the beam she descended underneath the Barrior Force
Field blasts an escape tunnel.

The General tried to settle Star Lite.
Star Lite knock him off the saddle even with spurs on his feet
He could not break the will of Rainbow horse.

Rainbow released the pack of through Breeds set off riding in the wilderness leaving the corral. The Distraction set Star Lite trot off he got away.

With out noticing Rainbow and Star Lite fell in underground an underground hole The General was upset.
If the Princess could not have Star Lite Rainbow order the general to seal her fait by hole covering the cavers of the Grogs laughing.

With little light but with quarts of dim ion she was able to reflect the beam splashing the grogs in the water.

She even rapped a Barrior rainbow Ring around a Grogs head hoping they would give up did not stop them.

Orin caught up to Rainbow with her family.
The Orin felt breeze of small whole peak in the surface. Onyx asks Rainbow to break the rocks of the opening. Rainbow Bright reflected off the quart of the stone. The partial light mix with spectrum of the rainbow, blasting the Barrior of the opening escaping the Grog caverns.

The Grog back way from the surface escaping the light moving to another area hid underground.

She reunited with her family she had many question but her prime target was to stop the Princess. Going back to the Castle the Princess tried to send her back. Rainbow dissipated the portal she could not pull back in. Orin went to the moon with her family and said they would met her their.

Getting off the saddle of Star Lite she set on her own to stop the Princess. Rainbow told Star Lite she will come back for him. Crossing the bridge Murklin push the button pulling her toward the castle. The Door was still latched still locked. Hoping she would splash into the lava ravine.

The Gap of the bridge is widen from where Start Lite is. From the left of corner of the wall pipe lines stretches towards the water fall. Rainbow grip her hands and swings into the Mouth of the cave leads to the hidden caverns inside the cattle.

Rainbow projects a Frisbee disk under her feet glides inside the mouth of the cave swimming.

Fishes attach them selves into a shark fish.
The Jaws open try to Chomp Rainbow. Rainbow spectrum form air bubbles capturing the fishes breaking them into peaces into small school fishes.

Inside the Castle Art bots guarded the elevator from intruders from interfering.
Rainbow plugged out wire from the first Bot, Magnet Polarized the other in the opposite direction out through the window. Entering the elevator: elevated towards Princess Room. Star Lite could not wait for Rainbow jumped on the saw mill almost crushed by the Gears. He jumped of a ledge walk way to rescue Rainbow.

Rainbow face to face with the Princess she recognized something familiar about this child. She was her sister. The Princess tried to persuade her to join her.

Rainbow had to put a stop to this right away.
Murklin, Lurky and the General laughed with their power combine she can not stop them.

The Light of Prism materialized crystal of the Princess, The spectrum of Murklin Discolouration, and both combine strength of their power to try to stop the spectrum light symphonists of the rainbow. Rainbow Bright borrowed from the moon and stars. The prism spectrum shielded her from discolouration.

She then dropped to her knees. Without warning through the window Star Lite dropped in. Murklin and Lurky toss out the window distracted by the Rainbow spectrum overload the Princess imperious dimion the Jewel imploded.

The Princess retreated while at Earth the hurricane wind stopped Rainbow pull through. The Children of Colour gave a Christopher key locket to enter her world and Drop by. Setting a course toward the sun reinforcements were on the way.

The Princess upset went in a shuttle Pod to escape from the Rainbow.
She threw the crystal in the fire shattered; breaking the crystal went worp speed.
Implosion of the sun with determination the sources if she can not have this treasure to keep know one will.

Orin and Friends stopped the Art Bots dismantling them.
They saw the shuttle Pod about to fire upon them. Caralot Stellar Star Ship Cruiser was in the distance about to aid the Orin and his friend’s.

Radiance Beam from both Rainbow and the Children of Colours spun the shuttle Pod out of control. Care Hearts were in the distance. Not the Rainbow bow she called.

Nations restored and Rainbow was reunited with her parents and The children of Colour
Orin was rejoined with Onyx.

In the Don of morning all have a part to play.
Even the spectrum of light Radiances Rainbow returns to Earth.

Revised: Repair: A.G.D. Prince:


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