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Care Heart Odyssey:


Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Authorship from the Care Bears Movies:
Combined: One and Two:
Nevada Production: Samuel Golden:
Max the Mutt: Animation

Care Bears: The Movie

Care Bears: The Next Generation

Book Title:
Care Heart Family

Revisual Revised Repair:
A. George Dave Prince

Care Heart Family

Many stories are heard about the Care Family how they, sang, danced,
And played. Their real job is a heavy but easy task. This is to care for the world as they care for each other to be responsible.

That is a distant thing in today’s society. Caring now seems to be unreal. The Care Heart Family has a rare quality to show their love, kindness, and understanding. They know they can’t help everyone but they do their best to keep mostly keeping children happy.

Here I give you a list of the Hearts.
Care Heart Bears and Care Heart Animals
Parents: 1. True Heart Bear, Lady Noble Heart Horse, Man

The Hearts Children who became full grown adults.
2. Tender Heart Bear, Man Cozy Heart Penguin, Lady
3. Fun shine Heart Bear, Lady Playful Heart Monkey, Man.
4. Champ Heart Bear, Man Proud Heart Cat, and Lady.
5. Cheer Heart Bear, Lady Brave Heart Lion, Man.
6. Good Luck Heart Bear, Man Lot a Heart Elephant Lady
7. Share Heart Bear, Lady Loyal Heart Dog, Man.
8. Wish Heart Bear, Man Gentle Heart Lamb, Lady
9. Harmony Heart Bear, Lady Bright Heart Raccoon, Man.
10. Birthday Heart Bear, also known as;
10. Conference Heart Bear, Man Treat Heart Pig, Lady
11. Bed Time Heart Bear, Lady Swift Heart Rabbit, Man
12. Grumpy Heart Bear, Man Kind Heart Beaver, Lady.
13. Friend Heart Bear, Lady Reason Heart Squirrel, Man
14. Secret Heart Bear, Man Faithful Heart Kangaroo, Lady
The Parents:
Cheer Hear Bear Brave Heart Lion
Grand Children Panda’s and Koala’s
16. Hug Heart Bear, Girl Perfect Heart Panda. Boy
17. Tug Heart Bear, Boy Polite Heart Panda. Girl
18. Fair Heart Bear, Girl Righteous Heart Koala Boy
19. Cure Heart Bear, Boy Delightful Heart Koala Girl

They are known as The Care Heart Family.

Chapter 1

Welcome to
No Hart’s

Who does the mansion belong to?
The Mansion belongs to Professor Cold Hart.

His daughter adapted quickly. Her friends came over to stay at her place since there was no objection to her father being mad.

### Professor Cold Hart: twenty-nine years old, was married until Mrs. Hart died, Wavy hair, short man,
Five feet nine inches tall, icy chill white complexion, medium build, He owned a boarding school,
The School tried to call but Professor Cold Hart was obsessed with his experiment.
The School took the children towards camps site. He changed ever since Mrs. Hart died.
Rather than Taking care of Screechy Cold Hart decided to take love and kindness turn to disobedience to turn against caring.

The daughter searched in the basement packed in with junk.
Secret entrance side paneling opened through a block wall.
The computer screen scan her and saying Mare morning Screechy”.

There were lab equipment, magic equipment, and a many shelves with Books. A book stood in the middle of the hall on a plat form.
The book covered with dust read Dark Magic. She read the pages and found a mirror appeared magically in her hands.
The book read stated in the pages when you scream and yell the mirror reflection will brake, shatter in piece that’s why her name is
Screechy. {Her real name Shannon Hart: seven years old, a ponytail at the back, Four feet seven inches tall, and white complexion.}

She threw the mirror away. At the tip of the mirror stood a wooded tip. The she energy shot her as she jumped for cover.
She picked up the mirror and looked through it. What she saw gave her a warm feeling inside to her that was scary.
She saw soft furry Heart Bears and Heart animals. What or who ever they are her dad will take care of them.” She thought to herself.

Professor Cold Hart experimented with whether. He did not seem to notice that his whole house was changing. Children would go by and call the house haunted. Those whom were brave enough would get themselves hit by Screech’s new power ran out of the house.

The house turned into a cloud. Professor Cold Hart decided to test his uncaring on Circus Audience.
With some assistance from, Nicholas Apple Wood, powerful new book, and Frost Bite the assistant to change the children hearts from happy to mean, much more later on in the story.

 How the Care Heart Parents met?

The horse was born in a barn, the bear born in a cave in the forest.
They did not live far from each other. The barn was destroyed by practical joker.
The owner had no money to pay for the barn. He turned the horses lose, made them wild and free.

Summer the Mother Bears decided to move out of the cave and take the cubs with them.
All went together except one small bear. She stared into space looking at the heavens wandering.
Her group disappeared she never found them again. The horse found the cave and they both learned to survive on their own.

They did not trust each other first. The storm rain came down. The Bear could not leave the horse out in the rain. She let him in the cave. They learned to trust each other. The star was touched by their love.
He transformed them by naming the Bear: True Heart Bear, The Horse: Noble Heart Horse.

They could walk and talk like humans only they were horse and bear.
The whole Care Heart Family was born at sea. A long the river beavers helped
The Hearts chop down a tree. They built a wooden ship and sailed off to find a new home.

 Frost Bite The Assistant

Frost Bite: little shorter than Cold Hart, four feet straight brown hair, thirty years old, medium build. Does what ever he was asked and always looking for trouble.

Let go back before the house is lifted in the air. Professor Cold Hart did not like anybody. He decided to find someone that could keep up with him. Screechy loved her new powers pointing the mirror holder and zapping people.

When Frost Bite came she thought she could get rid of him. At First she had him zapped. Frost Bite went to a big mirror and teased her. Screechy was zapped by the mirror’s reflection.

She started to scream. This threw Frost Bite off balance. Professor Cold Hart saw what happened.
He asked Frost Bite to be his assistant from their trouble began. Frost Bite also worked with weather.
Professor Cold Hart did not pay much attention what happen in his house.
Frost Bite studied the Professor’s work and was an admirer of his dream.

The Care Heart Parents came to Cape Hope Town near the forest near the children’s camps.
To help other children who needed to learn about caring.
There was one particular boy who was ten years old: Five feet, curly hair, slim, white complexion,
The name was Nicholas Apple Wood, an Orphan.
He worked as a magician assistant. The magician Fetuccini Quocadopolas: Brown hair, husky, Five foot nine inches, and light skin. He was always dissatisfied and unhappy with Nicholas work. What Nicholas needed was a friend.

The Care Heart Parents happen to be in the area as they wondered in town. They felt a child needed their help.
They were not sure to who they were looking for but determined to find him or her.
The closer they get impulses become stronger near to the person who need their help most.

Professor Cold Hart consulted his book to find away to get rid of all the caring in the world. The book told him to go to the circus, Find a little child as dark as Professor Cold Hart and can read magic. He was warned if he cared enough he would change back to normal. Frost Bite was hired to find a young child. Nicholas Applewood was their target. They had to pursue him to join Professor Cold Hart.

The Care Heart Parents found the child they were looking for Nicholas bumped into people carrying a box into the auto home. The box fell by accident. Mr.Fetuccini Quocadopolas asked him to find something he cold use for his magic act and he asked him to clean the mess.

The Care Heart Parents had to show Nicholas that not everyone will be pleased with everything he does. Sometimes you must not let that bother you. Give yourself a little prayer God cares. It won’t hurt.
Lay all your burdens on God. Someday people like Mr. Fetuccini Quocadopolas will accept you for who you are.
To win friends you must be yourself and share your feelings express your self.
If abused tell somebody, from the authority letters

IT almost worked if Frost Bite appeared out of nowhere like a magician. His idea to win friends was to use magic. Professor Cold Hart book appeared in a box and secretly told Nicholas to open the box. Bite locked the Care Hearts in individual cages as they tried to stop Nicholas from making a big mistake. Nicholas opened the box. The box shined with Dark Orra surrounding the book.
(Surrounding soul of the spirit)
Mr.. Fettuccini Quocadpolas tried to find out what was wrong. The door was lock.
Frost Bite put Mr. Fettuccini to sleep. Nicholas was amazed. To win more friends he had to do magic at the fair. They will love Nicholas so he thought.

Nicholas did his magic trick and fumbled. The audience laughed. Frost Bite told him to take revenge on the people of the fair. Nicholas read the book and darkened the Audience hearts.
Frost Bite deceived Nicholas by making him think no one cares about him.

The Care Heart broke out of the cage and saw the change in the children’s hearts. The Star saw what happen and lit up the sky to turn the children to normal. Nobel Heart Horse found a key in the same box
Nicholas opened. The Care hearts kept the key for safe. They knew the key come in handy someday.

Screechy followed Frost Bite and used the mirror holder to fire a beam at the Care Hearts.
Frost Bite and Screechy took Nicholas with them. The Care Hearts realized how crude Frost Bite and Screechy could be. That did not stop the Care Hearts.

 Dark Heart

While Frost Bite looked after Screechy, Professor Cold Hart consulted the book in the mean time. The book did see darkness in the child but also saw a gray cloud around him although that disturbed the book. Nicholas was with doubt.

The child was brought to the book. Nicholas did not like the company around him.
Professor Cold Hart made him shiver up his spine. The book itself loved the child because of his determination to give revenge that was acceptable.

I sometime wonder why the book did not pick Screechy for the job. Who better to experiment on?
The fact is Professor Cold Hart’s job would be harder because she likes to yell and scream.

The book aimed a strange dark light at Nicholas. He felt more powerful more hateful.
He told Professor Cold Hart he was not needed anymore.
His name now is Dark Heart No longer Nicholas Applewood. He knew who to get find of first.
The defenders of cute and cuddle whom cared too much.

He knew they were at sea. All he had to do is get their location of the Care Hearts.
Their Family Cubs were born that not including Hug Heart Bear, Tug Heart Bear, Perfect Heart Panda, Polite Heart Panda,
Fair Heart Bear,
Cure Heart Bear, Righteous Heart Koala, and Delightful Heart Koala. They were not born.

They sailed to find a place but could not find anyplace. Dark Heart started a magical Typhoon hoping to drown the Whole family. The Care Heart Parents found away of pulling away from it.

He was upset and turned into a giant sea monster. The Care Heart Parents got a stick and put it in his mouth. Dark Heart wrestled with it for a while and broke the stick. The Care Heart Parents began to see a rainbow going across the sky, blocking their way. In minutes the whole family boat started flying.
Dark Heart tried to reach their ship and at the same time forgot to change. He ended going through the rainbow and falling back in the water. Rather than go after them He gave up and told them he will be back after all time is on his side.

At nighttime the house lifted in the air. The house was no where to be found.
A Detective was working on the case. Found the place where Professor Cold lived to be muddy and slippery.
Water was found all over. They block off the area. The report quoted “The whole house Land slided into the muddy water”.
What happened to the family? Their disappearance was considered a mystery.

 Their First Mission

The family went higher and higher until they went in the clouds. The star brought them to a place, which was known as Carealot. The star greeted them and gave symbols on their stomach. For instants True Heart got a star around her stomach and a heart in the middle. Nobel Heart got a heart around his stomach with a star in the middle. With power came responsibility with reason. The children received different powers as well. The parent’s job was to train the little cubs properly and help them care for the children of the world as well as themselves. Remember that Dark Heart is still lurking around. He will try his best to misguide people and even the family members. Do not be fooled.

There were two places in fact. A bridge divided the places. A river ran between Carealot and the woodland, which is known as the Forest of Feelings.
At Carealot stood a mansion that was called the Hall of Hearts.
Carealot grew into a little neighbourhood. It looked like a rainbow, peppermint chocolate cover coded candy with gingerbread and sprinkles not edible but fluffy, in the billowy softness.

Forest of Feelings grew into a beautiful soft green clover field with hidden caves and trees. Anyone could sleep on their grass and feel comfortable and rap them selves in a cover like a blanket. The field also protects anyone or anything from rain.

The Care Parents felt a strong sense that someone needed their help. Both of them wanted to go to earth but who will stay and look after the cubs? They decided they would take turns looking after them.
On the first trip True Heart left and ascended from the air. She concentrated on a parachute and softly she came to the ground.

When she looked around she found herself in camp grounds. The children were racing through the forest back to camp. The deal was the last three persons who did not make it to camp had trash duty.

There were Three children who were not the fastest runners, fastest swimmers, not the highest jumpers sports was not their main event. Their name were Don: A Girl, Four feet three inches tall, blond hair, and eight years old, Tan white. John: A boy: straight black hair, same height as Don but younger in age, about seven years old, Tan white and Christie: A girl nine years old, with curls, Five feet six inches tall, light skin white.

Cleaning up was not their favorite task. The rest of the children would laugh and have a good time.

Christie decided she had to do something about it. She decided to run away. The other two followed as the sun went down Don and John asked Christie to slow down. Christie determined not to look back and lost them. As True Heart wondered in the forest her backpack started to move A little, stole away baby cub named Swift Heart Rabbit. True Heart carried her in the forest to help her find the children. True Heart found Don and John and tried to show them the way back to camp.

They thought that they were seeing things for sure. This Bear must be a dream. They closed their eyes and counted to ten. She was in the same place they left her before.

Don and John would not go back to camp. They convinced themselves there was nothing else they could learn. Once Baby Swift Heart started to cry Don and John calmed her down. “There is something you can learn. “You can share your feelings”. said True Heart.

True Heart Concentrated on a vehicle and some how the children were in the flying cloud car. True Heart almost got left behind. She concentrated on a rainbow and jump behind the car. John pulled her up on to the driver’s seat she flew them to Carealot to learn more about caring.

 Secrets about the Great Star:
And little Star Buddies:

Please do not take this story literally. They are well known for their mysteries how they help the Care Heart Family. I believe an angel acted as the star to talk to the family and gave them powers from the Heart.

The Great Star separated part of its elements and little star buddies began to help the Care Heart
Family. Just remember this story is not real, but story does not say I could get as close to the truth as possible. Just remember star is not God. Keep that in mind also.

The Fox
Professor Cold Hart had the pleasure to build a Freeze Gun. The world will know the heart of cold.
All hearts will be frozen forever and they will learn to hate each other and other dangerous things rather think logic. He wanted to place the freeze gun out in space in a satellite dish. All he had to do was convince Dark Heart. He decided to test the gun at Cape Hope.

Screechy pointed out they only have one problem. How were they going to get down?
Professor Cold Hart made a glider with a motor on it and told Screechy her problem. Frost Bite built a bike, detached with a cup shape figure on it with wheels so screechy can go with him, glider hook on it, and added a motor like Professor Cold Hart did.

They went to the edge of the roof top where Cold Hart built a deck. First they went towards the water then flew high around the mansion. Professor Cold Hart started to spread his uncaring to Cape Hope where Dark Heart lived.

This fact alerted the Care Heart Parents to deal with the problem.
They asked the children kindly to look after their cubs. The children agreed.
The Care Heart Parents promised to look for Christie.

The children learned there were four different types of love.

English word: (Principle love) which is for Greek word: (Agape},

English word: (Filial love) relative: is the Greek word for (Philia Love.)

English Word: Warm Friendship, Greek for (Storge).

English word: (Romance) The Greek word: (Eros).

Brotherly and sisterly bond the untouched bond/ Friendship love, the companion, thick and thin.

What is principled love? To show respect among friends (the companion), the people, the environment, and creatures who are great and small.
The love for others {Unselfishness} God is love. 1 John chapter four Verse eight.

What is filial love? Means Family for family bond, caring, blood relationship.

What is Philia? Warm friendship based on mutual trust and friendship. In the Bible the second most important commandment says Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. Leviticus: Chapter nineteen verse eighteen. Based on principle not disobedience.

The Word Eros: which most people think of. Base on romantic love.
Dating: Lovers, engagements, marriage, marriageable happiness, or family.

There is a lot more in the bible we could learn from the information is advailable to you pick up one and continue to learn.

When Noble Heart and True Heart came back the two children became two world-class champions. The Care Heart Parents did not find Christie.

At the same time Christie was not sure where to go. She called out for Don and John but could not find them. It was getting dark. The woods can be a scary place. She felt someone watching her. A voice that sounded like the wind asked her “If she was camp champ.” She wanted to know who was there.

A fox stood in her way. She backed up real slowly. The fox noticed that she was frightened. The fox changed into a human and asked again “Are you camp champ?”

Who was this stranger that wanted to know? He introduced himself. Then asked, “If she was camp champ?” He told her she was camp champ. She wanted to know how. He snapped his fingers from then on she could do anything. She could run, dance, jump do acrobats.

Christie used to be a marble champ. She could hit anything and had a good sense of direction.
To Nicholas this was favour now for a favour later no questioning.

Rainbow Rescue Beam
What is the Rainbow Rescue Beam?
Transports you from one place to another by means of light.

The Care Heart Family matured. The next Generation name Hugs Heart Bear, Tugs Heart Bear, Perfect Heart Panda, Polite Heart Panda, Fair Heart Bear, Cure Heart Bear, Righteous Heart Koala, and Delightful Heart Koala were small cub. The Care Hearts learned to work together as a family. Since Don and John no one visited Carealot. The Care Hearts visited earth to help other children.

Bright Heart Raccoon built a project and carefully planned a design called rainbow rescue beam.
He always had the idea in his head sometimes it backfired. He also designed the caring meter. Always trying to convince Noble Heart Horse that his ideas will work. Now he falls back on Grumpy Heart for help.

Grumpy Heart never complains most of the time. This Ideas sound good but once he helps out something goes wrong. Not all the time. More like a lot of the times. The question that remained, what went wrong with the design? Noble and True Heart will guild Bright Heart a practical reasons to what can be done. Bright Heart builds the designs himself if at all the design works.

Secret Heart and Friend Heart went to the park and found sister and brother walking alone. Their friends tried to play with them but they did not want to be part of it their problem they were orphans they traveled to foster home to foster home.

Their Foster parents did not have time for them. They left the children sad alone. The children decided to never love anybody ever again. Just in case anyone approaches them they would not talk to them. Just leave him or her behind.
They felt they did not need anyone.

The sight of bears walking made them wonder. They thought it was just their imagination.
Secret Heart tried to play with them but their head were down they kept on walking. “Every body needs a friends.” Friend Heart Bear hollered. To Kim and Jason told friend bear friends always let them down. They just did not want to be a bother by anyone. Friend Heart Bear, and Secret Heart Bear are willing to listen their troubles and be their Friend if they let them. Do you have any Secrets? Do not worry Secret Heart does not talk anyway. Secret Bear knows sign language. Any secrets you have do not go pass him.
Depending on the secret what is told.

Kim and Jason were their names. Kim: Four feet ten inched tall, nine years old, two straight black hairs, and light skin white.
Jason: Four feet five inches tall, seven years old, curly brown hair, light skin white.

Just as the Children were about to leave Friend Heart, Secret Heart and the children were transported; beam of light to Carealot.

Thanks to the little cubs they thought it was a toy to play with. The children found themselves looking at Bears and some of the different Heart Animals. Was this a dream? True Heart and Noble heart heard the commotion at the Hall of Hearts and wanted to know what it was all about.

Question: Will the Rainbow Rescue beam take them back? The Pattern Buffers need some adjustment but otherwise yes it will work. What are Pattern Buffers? A spot light that standing over your head,
The light is used to transport you from the cloud to earth. Teleportation could take them anywhere as long as they keep their ban on. Bright Heart Raccoon gave to the Care Heart Family a ban to keep track of where each other is.
The Grid is beneath their feet a pad.

They show the children around Carealot and the Forest of Feelings. The children forgot about their troubles and have fun. Thanks to the Care Heart Family. They had a good time.

There was good news for the children. They were going to be adopted by respectful loving parents.
They left on the rainbow rescue beam. Mean while
Dark Heart was stirring up trouble. Dark Heart release a hologram, image of himself, as the Bears flashed warm feelings at him they called the word stare.
When the Different animals cousin called the word call they fired music note at him not including the cubs. Noble and True Heart left decided to go to the ends of the earth to weaken Dark Heart Power. Noble Heart Horse gave Tender Heart Bear the key.
Professor Cold Hart sneaked in the radio station. What make him special that?
The gun will not affect him? The answer he has a frozen heart. It will affect
Everyone slowly. He turn on the gun, it hit space satellite turning good people to

Christie attitude began to change. She was more conceited than ever because she could beat anyone in any race no matter in what competition they put her in. She made sure Don and John never had trash duty again. She thought of herself as one of the best until Dark Heart Came back to collect his favor. “Are you camp champ?” He said.

Christie Refused to help Dark Heart at first. Dark Heart convinced her she could go back the way she was then she agreed. To Dark Heart talking was a waste of time. He changed into a wolf as Christie road on his back.

The Boat

Christie and Dark Heart went towards the boat. Dark Heart explained all she had to do is get in the Water and call for help and someone will save her. She saw how deep the water is. To her that was impossible.
The other thing she wondered who will save her? Dark Heart did not like being questioned.” Do as you’re told” he said.

Christie she got in the water while sharks surrounded her.
Started to yell, “please someone save me as she swam with her feet was kicking water.
And hands were paddling. She had no control of her body. She still could breath even under water
Thank to Dark Heart.
A very strange thing happened out from the clouds.
Bed Time Heart Bear, Share Heart Bear, Wish Heart Bear, and Birthday Heart Bear, and Good Luck Bear to the rescue. Champ and Fun shine got caught during another mission. Good Luck Heart Bear took out a rope and told her to grab on. She would not grab the rope. When Good Luck was about to dive in the water. Dark Heart took out a magical bag and pulled bears them in.
The Care Heart Family noticed seven bears and eight different animal cousins were missing.
They gathered who was left and they had a conference.
The eight animals cousins were caught during another mission also.

They were split in two groups going different ways.

Christie was lifted back on the boat. Dark Heart started to relax. How Far will this go?
As far as he was concerned the world must fear him. He got up on the boat then hit his head and fell in the water. Christie dive in and saved him.
If she knew what was best she should have let him drown. That was the differences between them.
That is what he would have done. She was free to go after he took her back to shore.

Kim and Jason began to notice a change in their neighbourhood.
Everyone attitude had changed. Their foster new parents attitude changed a well.
The parent pay no attention to children they were to busy arguing. Why they did not get affected?
They were not affected because of the Care Heart power protected them. A bird from the book came after them.
Once they were outside they ducked from the bird.

Just as the bird swoop down to trying pick the children up. Different Animals Heart Cousins: Playful Heart Money, Brave Heart Lion, Loyal Heart Dog, Bright Heart Raccoon, and Proud Heart Fired music Notes. Tender Heart Bear, Harmony Heart Bear, Cheer Heart Bear flashed a beam at the bird.
{Warm Feelings.} What happen to Grumpy Heart Bear? Someone had to look after the little cubs.

The bird overtaken by the power of caring the bird disappeared. They took Kim and Jason back to Carealot. Don, and John, notices the attitude towards the campsite. A moose tried to trample them. Until Secret Bear made a mating call. The moose took off. Don and John were surprised to see Friend Bear and Secret Bear grown up. They went back to Carealot to met Kim and Jason for the first time.

Nicolas set his revenge everyone from caring to careless just like him all four children were protected by the Care Bears Family. The Dark magical book stated through the pages about the others.
Nicolas asked about to whom are the others? Care Hearts family were not alone to whom protected earth.

Rainbow Bright rode on her rainbow horse. The radiance from the sun reflected beam bounds on the moons and stars.
Off towards the earth forming beautiful colours while on her horse the wave of uncaring struck her rainbow knocking the horse off balance. Rainbow turn her horse around to detect where the source
Coming from. If necessary Rainbow Bright will come to the aid of the Bears and help the Care
Heart Family.

They are coming the Book stated they must be taught a lesson:
A lesson for the children
A lesson for the adults
A Lesson for the others whom coming.
They eventually come help if necessary.
Nicolas Dark Heart forced him to laugh.

The Ponies were in the planet of the Through Breeds, Distance in Stellar Space.
The Felt the wave of uncaring. With spread their wings towards earth
Traveling out of the hemisphere toward the stars others will eventually will come.

The Care Hearts decided to spit up into two groups.
The animal cousin kept an eye on Professor Cold Hart and the bears will take care of Dark Heart.
Tender Hart Bear gave the key to Jason and told him to hang on to it.
In the morning the children will take the cubs and start looking for Christie.

They began to feel a cloud quack from the book of Dark Heart’s.
Trouble started trying to scare them to not come after them. I am surprise the building still stands.

Nicholas thoughts Are Free
From Dark Influence

Later in the morning in the woods the children found Christie.
Don and John asked Christie. They needed her help.
Christies explained since she had Dark Hart power Don and John never had to do trash duty.
Dark Hart asked for return a favour for a favour. She did what he asked although she hated his favour.
Don and John explained before Dark Heart she was the marble champ because of her determination gave her accuracy she did that herself not by Dark Heart. They were not the best racers but they were friends.
Kim and Jason thought no one care about them until they met The Care Heart Family.
They found a new home with loving foster parents.
They need her help. Although she paid Dark Heart who caused calamity she was forgiven now time to help her real true friends.

Uncaring slowly turn people into zombies. They did what ever Professor
Cold Hart told them to do. He used the radio station sound to trigger the freeze gun.
Everyone heart darkened. He thought he won. Frost Bite point out to the
Professor there are five children left. “Dark Heart will take care of them,”
He said to Frost Bite.

At the Ever Glades Dark Heart image hid in the cave.
True Heart Bear and Nobel Heart Horse knew he had him trapped.
As the image tried to escape the Care Hearts caught the image in the crossfire.
That when they found out have being tricked. Now they had to save the world and their families if they were not too late.

Dark Heart put the other in a magical cage. He knew they would come running to save them. All the bears showed up at the circus thanks to Bright Heart banned. Dark Heart was found in the center ring. Introducing The Care Heart Family. Many people clapped under Dark Hearts influence.

He wanted to know where the children were. The Bears did not tell him. The star buddies tried released the other fifteen. They were stronger with all the bears put together. You must remember they needed the animal Hearts Cousins too.

He decided to turn them in diamond and snap they disappeared. He may able to change the rest of them but not the parents.

The Parents brought the children with them. They told them to stay hidden.
As they walk in the audience clapped even louder. Nobel Heart asked him where is his family.
A lampshade pulled over their heads dangling crystal diamond.

“Your dark day are over Dark Heart,” said Nobel Heart Horse Just then Christie came between them. Dark Heart told Christie to run. She had enough of the war she wanted them to stop.
Dark Heart asked her did she not get to be camp champ? The one thing she did was save his live.
He could not forget. Dark Heart told her to go away or she will become what she used to be.
What she had learned she rather is be her self.

Dark Heart changed her back. He threw a wave of energy lifting Christie in the air out of way to fight the parents. The Parents started to flash warm feelings at him. Dark Heart could not stand it.
Christie looked up and saw the diamond hanging on the light shade.
The bears some animal cousins were trapped inside. She used her marble and hit the light shade down.
It came crashing. All of them fired their warm feelings and music notes at Dark Heart.

The other Animal Heart Cousins were a little late to stop Professor Cold Heart.
They all concentrated on a satellite dish and fired music notes.

The whole city turn back to normal Bright Heart used the Rainbow Rescue Beam and brought them all towards the circus. They all fired their warm feelings and music notes together at Dark Heart. He started to think what he had done and what the Care Hearts Family tried to tell him.
The Book blocked out his thoughts until the children decided to become his friend.

Dark Heart thought about it. He did not want to fight anymore.
That’s what made the book mad because of doubt. Nicholas closed the book and held it down.
Just as Jason took out the key it began to disappear.

Secret Bear used his symbol and flashed a copy key. They put it in the pad lock and locked the book.
Just before locking the book it trapped Christie in diamond.
There was still the book’s power in Nicholas yet he asked the Care Hearts to help Christie.

The Care Hearts could not help Christie it took more love and caring than they had.
The Care Hearts aimed their beam at the diamond.
One child started to chant we care. Suddenly the audience called out we care.
Many from many different countries around the world call we care.

Dark Heart did not know where the power came from he start saying we care.
Once he said that Dark Heart power left him. He became an ordinary boy, a soul human a person.
The crystal diamond faded away. The circus began to collapse. Once the children and the
Hearts were out the doorway to circus begun to disappear in the book pages in a dream.
The regular circus appeared near the camp.

What happen to Professor Cold Hart, his daughter, and the assistant?
They were having fun ordering people around to do their bidding. They gathered an army to follow them towards the circus. When the people were cured they started to chase them.
Professor Cold Hart and his daughter went back to their cloud mansion swearing revenge on the Care Heart Family.

Mr. Fettuccini dreamed he was pushing Nicholas to hard. He decided trained Nicholas to become a magician assistant Nicholas became his partner.

Fettuccini decided to help out around the circus. Nicholas went to camp in the woods during the holidays with his new friends.

Kim and Jason were happy with their new parents. They were never again left alone.

Fettuccini also became a consular at the camp.
He met Don, John, Christie, Kim, and Jason, with his assistant Nicholas.
Fettuccini listened to their stories most important now their friends.

The Care Heart Family kept an eye on the children.
A new beginning for them all.

“All is well that ends well.”

Revised: A.G.D. Prince

Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:

Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:
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A. George Dave Prince

Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour:

Silver Lining and Starry II Luminous once ruled the kingdom of
Planet of Radiates. Murklin, Lurky and The General whom
Once protected the Kingdom from invaders were once upon time best of friends so we thought. The Kingdom was natural with area sight of beauty the land scape environmentally friendly very peaceful.

Starry illuminous the first born child Crystal Princess was taught by
Orin whom shared moral value’s of a humble life.
She grew more, and more spoiled manipulated by the General.

They Parents Gave half responsibility to the child The Crystal Rainbow Princess: The Problem her heart was filled with greed she wanted everything try to dominate over the Palace.

Orin gave his robot horse Onyx to the parent while traveling to Radiance Village where the children of colour lived.

Starry II Luminous had a Second child whom was born. The Children of Colour were
Youngers gave an oath to protect Rainbow Bright. Not realizing the Princess, Murklin, Lurky and the General tracked down the majastration to Radiance Village. With discolouration the village and weaken Murklin and every one.

Silver Lining, Silver glow phase particalized the whole town with every bit of his strength saving the town and the Children of Colour how ever the Crystal crystallized spectrum through the prism portal transferred her parents through the gem stone to the Phantom Zone.

She tried to dominate over the Children of Colour. The Children united against Crystal Each colour form a rainbow protecting Radiance Village.

She retreated to Glum Mountain none could over take the other. The Boundaries between them they could not cross the boarders.

She vowed an oath of revenge on the Children of Colour mean while Murklin and Lurky built Art Bots.

Younger Child Rainbow, the Children of Colour were teen Youngers. Who taught Rainbow the directive not to interfere with Earth nation citizens?

Every one has a part to play. The children felt she was ready for the element of surprise. On her Birthday the Children of Colour lead her in the Barnyard. As she open the door she saw a horse trotting out the wide doors as every one yelling out surprise.

This was no ordinary Horse Starlight the Magnificent this horse
With Pegasus’s wing could dodge any obstacle. Rainbow learn
She was unique from the rest. Children of Colour was solid
Complexion, Rainbow was radiant with different colours with a special gift of with the help of symphonists of the sun.

Digging in the caves depletes miners and the natural resources such as dim ions.
This is alternate universe.

Through the Spectrum:

Her body acts like a prism traps the heat absorbs spend end light from the sun. She also borrows light from the moon and stars.

Rainbow could also attain the spend end energy providing a road path towards Earth.

Enter the Earth troposphere she become more radiant though the rustle of the breeze oxygenizes the light separating spectrum in to different colours.

Rainbow draw water the ocean floor evaporates the water forming a cumulous cluster cloud winds collided form all directions forming rain.

The Rain drops as the plants drink from the root providing glu coast storage food they breathe in carbon air providing breath of oxygen to all soul of life on the planet. Chlorophyll is released from the tiny pocket holes providing natural colours to the world. She Colourized the planet.

With her new horse first she had to Race stormy with her wild Through Breed Thunder winter was in the season far to long. Cumulous of rain storm pushed Starlight far behind.
The weather wind tried to slow him down. Starlight would not give up pulling himself in front of thunder escaping the storm clouds of rain.

Base Ball Season:

The Children of Colour forewarn Rainbow not to interfere with directives of Earth Nation must not be seen.
Colourizing the planet she sighted a base game nears its end.

Down by one point with two are out, one on second base the game was almost finished.

Christopher was up to bat. Christopher miss all three ended the game. Rainbow try to encourage this was not the end of the world but Chris's team mates were sad. Rainbow tries to make a rainbow particalized clouds in the sky none saw.

School was out quite a while ago since the after school games were over teammates left for home.

Rainbow descended a particalized cloud in direct path of
Christopher not watching where he going he ran in to the Colourized partials changing his complexion to different colours.

She did not know how to undue the Particalized colours she decided to bring back Christopher back to stellar stars of her home Radiant Planet.

The General knew Star Lite could fly sending wind turbulences disrupting the flight pattern. Through the spectrum stellar of space that did not stop Star Lite walking on
Rainbow colours road path he trotted off.

Reached ascending on top of the mountains Merlin warbled the road. Through the air Star Lite did a spectacular jump hopping to one cliff from another landing gently to the ground. He was amazing. Near the mountain of glum Star Lite detected another horse close by could not place the where about the horse was gone.

Murklin try to cast his glum same time Christopher interfered not realizing what was going on.

Rainbow saw what happen to Christopher since they missed Rainbow spectrum prism from the reaches of the sun spectrum colours almost colourized Murklin. He had to retreat.

The Children were disappointed. Rainbow disobeyed the directives.
Her orders were not to interfere with Earth however they were not upset.
They had no choice but to show Christopher around Radiance Village.

The Children re-allied Christopher complexion bringing skin back to normal the sky was starting to darken.

While Onyx went to Glum Mountain he tried to free his re-original creator Orin.
Same time the Art Bots were about to take off toward the sun.

On without been notices found Orin however the Princess wanted the horse as a gift she wanted the horse captured.

Escaping through the draw bridge Onyx got away. Warned Rainbow about the light spectrum of the sun existence was endangered. Onyx warned the Princess other will come she did not listen she wanted everything.

The Children of colours took back Christopher back to Earth.
The wind Convertor the started to weather pick up.
The Children shielded the planet from various speed of the wind as best they could.

The breezy soon pick up getting stronger and stronger asking Rainbow to hurry up while Stormy stayed protected Radiance Village.

Art Bots:

Rainbow went traveled towards the sun. The Art Bots cover the sun with shadow. They tried to tear the string that covers the sun. The bots detected a breach of security the slew from their mouths tried to capture the Rainbow and Star Lite.

Rainbow foot was caught but Star Lite Brock the rope. The harness of the rope force the robot strength pushing them backwards knocking them to the ground. Rainbow Galloped away from towards the creator spot of the Sun. Other Bots prepared a trap of sticky Gue.

Star Lite not watching where he was going the sticky gue slowed them down. The art Bots phased through the gue easily.

Spectrum through the prism from the moons of mercury she borrowed partials heat oxidized cold stellar breeze of winds forming clouds over her head in the sky showering rain.

The horse was able to break free and escape. The Bots sunk under the water.
Many numerous Bots cover the area. Rainbow decided to see the source of all the problems the Princess.

Merlin saw the village unprotected try to decolourization the little town.
Gush of Air threw him back in a wall of boxes knock him over.
Out of the shadow was Stormy.

Merlin decoloured Stormy complexion she pointed her finger in the air. The storm revived her. The Earth Till away from the sun the wind clouds turn suddenly cold. She frost frozen Merlin in status.

Merlin discolouration himself through the spectrum retreating
He back away from Stormy and ran.

Rainbow Bright landed near the Palace of the Princess.
She wanted a gift ask the General for the horse.

Rainbow was not prepared to be sent to the phantom Zone.
The Crystal Princess through the prism spectrum of her crystallized portal transferred Rainbow into a cave force field Barrior.

The General captured the horse trying his best to break the will of Star Lite. Never lost hope Rainbow will rescue her.

Onyx escapes the prisons from an underground cavern.
He went to the Phantom Zone to find Rainbow Bright.

The Princess was upset Orin escape but laughed at the idea he would escape through the underground cavern. The Grogs will chase him. They would not have to catch the elder wizard He setting his own demises going underground.

Grogs like frogs but with one problem
Grogs are afraid of the top surface of light.

Rainbow could not escape the prison tunnel of the Force Field Barrior of her surrounding. Sitting on the sand she burst a beam of energy bounding everywhere put a large hole in the sand.
Enlarging the beam she descended underneath the Barrior Force
Field blasts an escape tunnel.

The General tried to settle Star Lite.
Star Lite knock him off the saddle even with spurs on his feet
He could not break the will of Rainbow horse.

Rainbow released the pack of through Breeds set off riding in the wilderness leaving the corral. The Distraction set Star Lite trot off he got away.

With out noticing Rainbow and Star Lite fell in underground an underground hole The General was upset.
If the Princess could not have Star Lite Rainbow order the general to seal her fait by hole covering the cavers of the Grogs laughing.

With little light but with quarts of dim ion she was able to reflect the beam splashing the grogs in the water.

She even rapped a Barrior rainbow Ring around a Grogs head hoping they would give up did not stop them.

Orin caught up to Rainbow with her family.
The Orin felt breeze of small whole peak in the surface. Onyx asks Rainbow to break the rocks of the opening. Rainbow Bright reflected off the quart of the stone. The partial light mix with spectrum of the rainbow, blasting the Barrior of the opening escaping the Grog caverns.

The Grog back way from the surface escaping the light moving to another area hid underground.

She reunited with her family she had many question but her prime target was to stop the Princess. Going back to the Castle the Princess tried to send her back. Rainbow dissipated the portal she could not pull back in. Orin went to the moon with her family and said they would met her their.

Getting off the saddle of Star Lite she set on her own to stop the Princess. Rainbow told Star Lite she will come back for him. Crossing the bridge Murklin push the button pulling her toward the castle. The Door was still latched still locked. Hoping she would splash into the lava ravine.

The Gap of the bridge is widen from where Start Lite is. From the left of corner of the wall pipe lines stretches towards the water fall. Rainbow grip her hands and swings into the Mouth of the cave leads to the hidden caverns inside the cattle.

Rainbow projects a Frisbee disk under her feet glides inside the mouth of the cave swimming.

Fishes attach them selves into a shark fish.
The Jaws open try to Chomp Rainbow. Rainbow spectrum form air bubbles capturing the fishes breaking them into peaces into small school fishes.

Inside the Castle Art bots guarded the elevator from intruders from interfering.
Rainbow plugged out wire from the first Bot, Magnet Polarized the other in the opposite direction out through the window. Entering the elevator: elevated towards Princess Room. Star Lite could not wait for Rainbow jumped on the saw mill almost crushed by the Gears. He jumped of a ledge walk way to rescue Rainbow.

Rainbow face to face with the Princess she recognized something familiar about this child. She was her sister. The Princess tried to persuade her to join her.

Rainbow had to put a stop to this right away.
Murklin, Lurky and the General laughed with their power combine she can not stop them.

The Light of Prism materialized crystal of the Princess, The spectrum of Murklin Discolouration, and both combine strength of their power to try to stop the spectrum light symphonists of the rainbow. Rainbow Bright borrowed from the moon and stars. The prism spectrum shielded her from discolouration.

She then dropped to her knees. Without warning through the window Star Lite dropped in. Murklin and Lurky toss out the window distracted by the Rainbow spectrum overload the Princess imperious dimion the Jewel imploded.

The Princess retreated while at Earth the hurricane wind stopped Rainbow pull through. The Children of Colour gave a Christopher key locket to enter her world and Drop by. Setting a course toward the sun reinforcements were on the way.

The Princess upset went in a shuttle Pod to escape from the Rainbow.
She threw the crystal in the fire shattered; breaking the crystal went worp speed.
Implosion of the sun with determination the sources if she can not have this treasure to keep know one will.

Orin and Friends stopped the Art Bots dismantling them.
They saw the shuttle Pod about to fire upon them. Caralot Stellar Star Ship Cruiser was in the distance about to aid the Orin and his friend’s.

Radiance Beam from both Rainbow and the Children of Colours spun the shuttle Pod out of control. Care Hearts were in the distance. Not the Rainbow bow she called.

Nations restored and Rainbow was reunited with her parents and The children of Colour
Orin was rejoined with Onyx.

In the Don of morning all have a part to play.
Even the spectrum of light Radiances Rainbow returns to Earth.

Revised: Repair: A.G.D. Prince: